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tv   News Channel 5 at 11pm  ABC  March 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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new video of a wrong way head-on car crash in cleveland. tonight, a man is in critical condition and three others are hurt after this mess on the sure way.
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appears to be drinking. thank you for joining us. this is the latest in a string of similar crashes across northeast ohio. derrick waller is tracking the latest development.>> reporter: the eastbound lanes of route to our back open tonight after another wrong way crash. this was the scene just after 7 pm. traffic diverted off onto west 45th as accident investigators try to figure out how this could have happened. a late model toyota corolla smashed head-on into a ford transit van. the road closed for hours. ride, wrong way signs alert drivers. it is not the first time this year in our area. >> usually, where two people hit head-on, what is the outcome ? fatalities. >> reporter: anthony is blessed
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wrong way driver slammed into his u-haul earlier this month on interstate 71. there has also been two other needle roadway crashes this year in cleveland alone. we support the use of spike strips that would stop a car going the wrong way. >> it would make the vehicle non-undrivable. that would save a life. >> reporter: there is a battalion chief in our area who standard. they are not cheap. one estimate to put them in ohio's 5200 off ramps is $27 million. in cleveland, derrick waller, news channel 5. >> you can stay up to date on this story with our app and turn into good morning cleveland tomorrow morning for more information. hudson police have identified the two bodies found in a home on ravenna road. stephen bice and his 42-year- old wife kristi died from gunshot wounds. investigators
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and turned gun on himself. dozens of mothers whose children were killed by police gathered in cleveland today. some came from as far away as new york and florida to support the mother of brandon jones. the group held a vigil or jones today. he was killed by cleveland police after breaking into a store one year ago. in the meantime, alisha kirkman's son, angelo miller was killed by police in 2007. today was the first time she returned to the site where her sunday. >> i was able to get the strength to be able to come back here. i appreciate my mother's from all over who came to support me from all over and >> the mothers for justice
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cleveland this evening. a man wanted for murder is behind bars tonight after crashing into a police cruiser. lance rankin was arrested just after midnight following a brief police chase on interstate 77 in canton. he hit a state highway patrol cruiser during that pursuit. no officers were injured. canton and jackson township police had been searching for him after finding a dead body in his home last night. the victim's name has not been released. funeral services are planned for willowick mayor richard bonde. he passed away this morning. he had been battling hodgkin's lymphoma. he will be at st. mary magdalen's church followed by a funeral at 7 pm. his burial will be private. just over an hour away from the official start of spring.
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23 for cleveland, 21 in mansfield. 24 in canton. 27 in coshocton. that winter feel is holding on strong. the actual readings are under clouds in the 30s. snowfall, even though it was a small amount has fizzled out. we still have additional chances as we make our way into the sunday timeframe. as the strong southern low tries to bring in some weekend precipitation, but for the overnight hours, mainly quiet with a few changes for the end of the weekend. we will talk about snow and a warm-up ahead. there is push back against donald trump as a voters in arizona and utah are days away from heading to the polls. the republican front-runner remains confident.
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the campaign trail.>> reporter: a protester wearing a [ null ] hood sparked a fight during donald trump's rally in tucson, arizona. >> the other guy is wearing a ku klux klan outfit. he thinks it is wonderful. these are bad people.>> reporter: in phoenix, protesters blocked the main road. some were chaining themselves to roads. in new york, thousands of protesters clashed with protesters outside of the trump tower. >> he represents the worst parts of america. >> reporter: the front runner predict he will win the republican residential nomination. >> to be the future of the republican party, you have to go through trump. >> reporter: ted cruz is trying to put the brakes on the trump bandwagon now that the republican establishment is backing him.
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us together that we believe in. >> reporter: john kasich is still in the race and he disagrees.>> on the democratic side, bernie sanders toward the border area in arizona dismissing talk of the democrats uniting behind hillary clinton. >> some of the largest states in this country like california and new york have not yet cast their vote. >> reporter: the vermont senator. is continuing his campaign in phoenix saturday night. tomorrow, history will be made. president obama begins a visit the trip comes after a breakthrough in relations between havana and washington restrictions. mr. obama is the first president to visit the communist country in 90 years. he is expected to meet with cuban dictator rowel castro and take in a baseball game between the tampa bay rays and the
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>> the president's visit is also opening up new opportunities for college students here in our area. a group from kent state university leaves tomorrow morning for a trip of a lifetime. there are 10 kent state university architecture students trading in their classroom for hands-on experience in havana. >> i was not able to study abroad and a lot of people were. this opportunity is super exciting. now i am able to go and study a diverse culture instead of a normal northeast ohio state. >> the group is leaving early sunday morning or five days of learning, exploring, and looking at historic architecture. the students will also be put to the test eric>> the students will be working on a site in havana harbor that will be vacated. it will be a potential develop site across from the most historic part of old havana. the students will have five
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can about the site and then they will come home and work on design concepts and development plans for the property. >> instead of studying cuba, it is culture and historic things from here. >> being the first round of people being able to have an experience and study there is interesting. being able to make connections and future connections or job opportunities can come from this interaction. >> the students will see cuba up close. they will be there the same time president. obama plans to visit the country and because of that visit, the students were moved from one hotel to another. they are taking it all in stride. they are looking forward to the opportunity that might only come around once. >> hopefully this opportunity will branch off into more opportunities for kent state to have a study abroad program in cuba. >> the students will be looking
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a health alert is issued for people traveling to and from cuba. there is a new warning about the zika virus after that country reported its first case this week the virus is spread by mosquitoes and pregnant women are most at risk because the virus is believed to cause birth defects. a local woman determined to become a marine is one step closer to serving our country. bailey grice from brunswick was first denied the opportunity to join the military because of a medical condition that was misdiagnosed. she took her case to the white house. now she has been clear for training.>> it is finally right. i have so many of my supporters . i am starting to get really excited because i can finally do what i have been wanting to do. >> she leaves monday for marine corps training in parris
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coming up, the top suspect in the paris terror attack is talking behind bars. what he just admitted to investigators about the deadly rampage. i thought it was the end. >> passengers panic after an iphone catches fire midflight. a warning before you book your next flight on a budget airline. here is a look at tonight's winning lottery numbers.
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a frightening moment on a flight to hawaii. a young woman was on her way from washington to honolulu watching a movie on the iphone when the device burst into flames. alaska air flight attendants were able to put out the fire in less than 30 seconds. no one was hurt. this was not the first time an iphone has caught on fire. in atlanta man's refurbished iphone caught fire in his pocket in december. it also happened in
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looking at surveillance video of a deadly plane crash. a boeing 737 plunged to the ground and then burst into flames. all 62 people on board were killed. the dubai flight to russia was facing hurricane force winds before landing. several planes had trouble getting to the airport at the time of the crash. weather, pilot error, and mechanical problems are all possible causes. the most wanted man is behind bars and under interrogation. the loan in surviving terrorist from the deadly paris attacks admitted he was supposed to be among the isis suicide bombers but he backed out and took off to belgium. he was charged today with terrorist murder. he and for others were arrested last night in brussels.>> from this arrest, we have the opportunity to interrogate him and find out who else he was working with.
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to isis. >> his attorney is fighting extradition to paris. french prosecutors expect to have him handed over in the next 60 to 90 days. if you received tax related spam, you are not alone. the irs says there is a 400% surge in malware incidents this tax season. that is compared to last year. the agency says scammers are sending out emails and texts aimed at getting personal information. the irs does not make contact by email when it asks for personal or financial information. the spring break travel season is underway. many airlines are offering deals , but with a catch. consumer reporter john matarese as a warning before you book that fight.>> reporter: frontier airlines is feeling planes with super low fares. make sure you get to the airport early. >> it was 43 minutes before the
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check in. >> reporter: kevin garrison was denied boarding because he was moments late to the check-in counter, missing the 45 minute cut off by two minutes. kevin says he got to the airport long-term parking lot well over an hour before his fight. the shuttle was running late and when he got to the terminal, the check-in line was much longer than he expected.>> i got into the line for frontier at 5 am. my flight was at 5:45 am. >> reporter: he thought he would be okay. a couple of customers in front of him pushed him back to minutes, slamming the door in his face.>> they told me the only thing they could do was put me on the flight the next day. >> reporter: that was too late for his business meeting in texas. a spokesman tells us the 45 minute rule is clearly spelled out on the website. it is designed to keep lanes on time.
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says he will fly another airline. >> i don't have another fight with them and i don't know if i ever will. >> reporter: frontier has an online check-in option. you might want to do that with every airline so that you don't waste your money. spring officially begins in an hour. that does not mean that winter is over. a snowstorm is expected to hit portions of the northeast tomorrow. coastal parts of southern new england, including cape cod, could see up to 7 inches of snow sunday and monday. >> it is taking out the snow for us. >> we still have a little bit. >> spring snow is never what we want to hear. >> it has not been a bad winter.>> it is time for spring. >> we are down over 30 inches as far as the season goes for cleveland. it has been a quiet winter.
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let's take a look outside. we have a few stars out. more clients than anything. 33 degrees is the current temperature. winds up out of the northeast at teamwork -- 14 miles per hour . the wind chill is painful. we are dry across home. overcast skies in bedford. 30 in kirtland. 33 in peninsula. 32 in orwell. below that number in chardon in madison at 31. 34 in akron. a little bit warmer at 36 above freezing to the north. close to the lake at 33 in westlake. wins at 14 miles per hour . it does back off a little bit in the afternoon hours tomorrow. i think we will notice them, but it will be lighter at about
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the readings for what it truly feels like when stepping outside. winter jackets needed for late- night fun. 24 in canton. 21 in mansfield. 23 in cleveland. the low that we just saw a moment ago is spreading rain and snowfall to the east coast and bringing in the possibility for snowfall into our forecast as well. we are noticing rain and cold air from a front to the north as we move toward the beginning of the workweek. for the most part, this is nothing to worry about. i want you to have the jacket before stepping outside. we have been in the mindset of warmer air for a month now. you will still need an extra layer, especially for tomorrow. here is your snowfall. 7 am on sunday, not so impressive. it will continue to lighten and shift east.
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cleveland at 9 am. it will continue to move back west and fizzle out. watch as more tries to pop up for us sunday afternoon. you are looking at 4 pm with a little rain and a little snowfall. the chance foreseeing some additional wet weather is there as we have several systems around us. there is one in illinois, want to the north, and one to the east. limited amounts for moisture, but still the chance is there. tonight is in the 20s. daytime highs are upper 30s. this is below average by 10 degrees. 38 in cleveland. daytime high towards alliance at 43. canton at 42. we have the possibility of sunshine tomorrow afternoon. beyond those mornings, a slight
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rain opportunities are back along with some 60s to enjoy on thursday. ladies, over to you. >> the cavs were in miami taking on the heat. it is warm down there. in ohio, the browns search for a quarterback. find out who they brought in
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the browns a search for a signal caller is ongoing. another step in the process, bringing in warmer redskins quarterback. [name indiscernible] was drafted in 2012 with the second overall pick. he had a rookie season with the red -- redskins. the good times did not last. injury after injury had a major
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ultimately, he lost the starting job who was drafted in the fourth round. rg three has not played a game since december 2014 where the redskins lost to dallas. the browns are looking as many options as possible. former browns quarterback johnny mademoiselle is hiring agent rosenau. the cavs were in miami earlier to take on the heat. it is the second of back-to- back games. they beat the magic in orlando last night. cavs were trying to go to-zero. not happening. lebron gives it to wade, wade gives it right back. cavs trailed by three. defense not great tonight. late third-quarter, lebron is wide open. richardson pulls up, hits the three. 25-17.
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heat up i 21. first player to score 20,000 points with a single nba franchise. the heat win big 122-101. head coaches trying to make sense of what went wrong tonight as he looks ahead to monday's game at the q against denver.>> we travel a lot. i hope that's what it was. i feel like they were moving away faster than we were. we were small and they were faster. need to get back to the drawing board and shake this off. >> it is championship saturday in high school hoops. an entire season all coming down to today. this morning, st. joseph took on lamm essential catholic in division three. st. joseph could not get the job done as they were outscored 39-18 in the second half. lime essential catholic goes on to win getting their second state title in three years. in division four, cornerstone christian with a dominant
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michael boswell with the field. takes it to the hoop and lays it in. boswell with 13 points on the night. second quarter, off the inbound pass. brennan mcqueen with the bucket. he added 13 on the night as cornerstone goes on to get the first state championship with a 72-54 victory. they became the first ohio state champion with more than 10 losses on the season. now, they are number one. pretty impressive. in division two, st. be is taking on john glenn. a little over a minute left. devonte great takes it to the hoop. seconds left on the clock. st. be is down by five, not letting up. dominic davis gets two points. they trailed by three. 15 seconds left, but they could not complete the comeback.
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one, 76-72.
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news channel 5 is in your community. the master of ceremony was at tonight's lorraine arts counts are fashion fundraiser. models walked the runway wearing designs of jonathan anderson and nelly millard. the evening also included music i the latin city soul band. >> beautiful. >> you are going to need to bundle up with lots of layers for tomorrow morning. >> those beautiful dresses will be covered up by heavy jackets. we will be in the low 30s on the first full day of spring. we have a high of 40 on monday. these and 60s are backed by wednesday and thursday. we will get there.>> thank you for watching news channel 5 at


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